Where is python used and why?

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If you’re thinking of Learning Python or have recently started learning it, then probably there may come times when your mind is flooded with lots of questions regarding its use, scope, etc. And why not?

It’s a general tendency of human beings. But when we look at the other side, it is actually quite advantageous to know the use & benefits of any programming language prior to learning it.

TBH, enlisting all the applications of Python can go very lengthy . Because Python can do wonders & its applications are not confined to some specific fields only.

So, below I am listing few of the major fields where Python is heavily used-

The rate at which Python is used for the purpose of web development is increasing day by day. This is because Python has a support of various interactive frameworks used for creating these applications.

Python Web Framework — A Detailed List of Web Frameworks in Python

These are some of the popular python web frameworks. The two mostly used python frameworks are

  1. Django
  2. Flask

Use Flask if you want to develop from scratch. Django comes in with some prebuilt packages and modules and can be used for development right away.

Few of the most well-known frameworks are Flask, Django, Pyramid. The major cause to use such frameworks is because the security, scalability & convenience they provide is unique to the whole process of website development from scratch.

Data can prove as the most significant asset of any business organisation if it knows how to utilise it efficiently. To increase the profits of the organisations & minimize the associated risk, it is important to analyze & perform various operations on the data you have.

Top 10 Data Science Python Libraries [Updated]

These are some of the widely used data science libraries in python.

The standard collection of libraries that the Python offers such as Pandas, NumPy helps in extracting the valuable insights. Python also offers libraries for data visualisation such as Matplotlib & Seaborn, which are helpful in plotting graphs & much more.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are those fields which are mostly talked of & offer a promising career. Machine Learning is the branch of making the machines learn on the basis of past experiences & data, or by creating algorithms that makes the computer learn by itself. The programming language, Python is mostly preferred for this purpose. Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy & various other libraries have support for these domains.

Best Python Libraries for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Tensorflow and keras holds the special place in case of web development.

Game development is another major field where python is used heavily. Python comprises various libraries such as PySoy , which is a 3D game engine supporting python3. Pygame is another strong library which supports functionality for game development. Various games such as Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, Civilization-VI, etc. have been developed using Python.


Pygame is the most common and widely used game development library in python.

Another significant application of Python is for programming desktop applications. The Tkinter library that the Python provides can be used for developing user interfaces. There are other various useful kits such as Kivy, PYQT, wxWidgets that can be used for creating the applications on several platforms.

Apart from these, Python can be used for the development of audio & video applications, CAD applications & embedded applications. Some of the well- known applications such as Youtube, Dropbox & BitTorrent, etc. use python to achieve their functionality

These are just a few areas where Python is widely because Python offers a lot more.