Top youtube channel for programmers

YouTube is great for the what and the why, but text is the best for the how. Keep that in mind.

Some of the YouTube channels might be a bit obsolete. Nonetheless, the advice you’ll find will help you get into coding, land your first beginner programming job if you’re just starting out, or up your game significantly if you are a seasoned pro. All the listed channels below will help you advance your computer programming education.

So, in no particular order and without further ado:

1. Traversy Media

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Traversy media home page

The number of tutorials this channel offers is enormous (it’s like a programming guide from A to Z). Many YouTubers who run similar programming channels say that the guy who owns Traversy Media influenced them in a way to start their own channel (one of those YouTubers is DevEd). On Traversy Media, you’ll find valuable sources on topics such as Angular, React, and Python. The quality of the content is impeccable. It’ll undoubtedly help you broaden your programming knowledge and enhance your computer programming skills.

2. 3Blue1Brown

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3Blue1Brown homepage

If you are a math person, 3Blue1Brown is the channel for you. It covers topics such as linear algebra, neural networks, calculus, topology, and more. Grant Sanderson, the channel owner, graduated from Stanford University in 2015 with a bachelor’s in math. When the lockdown happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he released a playlist of math tutorials named “Lockdown Math” to help students with studying from home. Grant has 3,07 million subscribers at the date of writing this article (10 September 2020). “The goal is for explanations to be driven by animations and for difficult problems to be made simple with changes in perspective.

3. ThePrimeagen

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ThePrimeagen home page

ThePrimeagen is great for Vim. It teaches mostly surface-level stuff. If you’re starting with Vim as your editor, this will be a great place to learn more. Here’s what other people say about the ThePrimeagen channel: “Youtube’s algorithm never failed me, I now shall worship it as a God, this channel changed my life.

4. Gaurav Sen

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Gaurav Sen homepage

Gaurav Sen focuses on digestible chunks of system design components. The guy teaches system design basics such as vertical and horizontal scaling and other system-related topics. Here’s what his subscribers have to say about him “OMG, you are just the system design guru I am looking for.

5. Jon Gjengset

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Jon Gjenset homepage

When it comes to Rust, Jon Gjengset is the guy for you. He’s an open-source contributor to a variety of Rust projects. He’s also recording tons of Rust live coding streams, contributing to open source, and explaining his own projects all while teaching you Rust.

6. Two Minute Papers

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Two minute papers homepage

Two Minute Papers is a good channel for AI open projects. As the name suggests, you’ll also find 2-min videos of scientific papers. Many of the scientific papers revolve around graphics and neural networks. Go check it out if you are into machine learning, 3D printing, and AI.

7. Raymond Hettinger

{He doesn’t have a YouTube channel, but it’s enough to just type his name in the search bar to access his talks}

When it comes to the strength of Python, Raymond is one of the best guys to explain it to you. Here’s what some people say about him, “I am a simple man. I see Raymond Hettinger, I click like, play and save.” He teaches stuff like chunking and aliasing, building classes independently, graph traversal, libraries, and other stuff.

8. Simple Programmer

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simple programmer homepage

This channel is mainly geared towards junior programmers. Here, you’ll find general computer programming concepts so you can start coding almost right off the bat. John Sonmez, the owner of Simple Programmer, isn’t there to just teach you the coding basics; he also talks about life and gives excellent advice.

9. The Coding Train

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The coding train homepage

The channel is focused on coding for beginners. You’ll understand how to create simple games like Snake. Other videos include machine learning, simulation, JavaScript and more. His style of teaching is quite unique though, but not everybody may find it appealing. If you enjoy watching experienced developers making mistakes along the way and solving problems on the fly, then you will probably find this channel enjoyable.

10. Academind

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Academind homepage

It’s great for JavaScript frameworks, CSS, and web development. It has tons of tutorials to help you get your foot in the door. The channel also offers in-depth 30-hours courses on topics such as JavaScript, Angular, Vue, Node.js and others.

11. Derek Banas

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Derek Banas homepage

This guy covers anything related to computer programming. You’ll find hundreds of tutorials to help you out in your journey. Derek also created the widely-popular “Learn JavaScript in 30 Minutes” playlist. It consists of short videos packed with as much information as possible so you can hit the ground running rapidly.

12. Mark Lewis

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Mark Lewis homepage

Mark, a doctor and professor of Computer Science at Trinity University, offers a variety of videos focusing on the Scala framework (Scala is considered one of the best paying programming languages to learn). The channel also has tons of videos on general computer science for beginners and intermediates, functional programming, and more. With Mark, you’ll be able to expand your programming knowledge and improve your coding skills big time.

13. Dev Ed

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Dev Ed homepage

“I was watching this video on a 55” TV and my father entered exactly at 3:35. I’m still explaining to him that Ed is a programmer and this is a normal YouTube channel.” This guy has a unique personality that will keep you compelled while watching his videos. He discusses web dev, web design, 3d modeling, tools like Figma, and other exciting stuff. His content is mostly focused on coding for beginners.

14. The Net Ninja

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The net ninja homepage

Net Ninja’s videos are some of the best videos on programming out there. You’ll find videos on topics such as JavaScript (beginner to advanced coding), Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML, and CSS. The guy who runs the channels is a skillful developer and all of his content is free. You can pay for Udemy courses, watch them, and still won’t find as much value as you’d by watching Net Ninja’s free videos. As a matter of fact, some of the Udemy courses borrow materials from Net Ninja and teach his stuff in their paid courses. This channel is like a mini computer programming education school that can significantly improve your coding skills.

15. Fun Fun Function

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Fun Fun function homepage

Unfortunately, Mattias, the channel owner, stopped shooting videos 2 months ago but didn’t completely close the doors to his channel. He didn’t tell, however, for how long he’ll be taking a break, so years might pass until we hear from him again. Nevertheless, his videos offer great programming tips. His quirkiness will always keep you entertained. It’s one of the best channels for mastering JavaScript. Mattias brings a variety of videos to the table discussing functional programming, object creation, iterators and generators, and other JS features.

16. Computerphile

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computerphile homepage

Computerphile is a great channel, but it’s mainly targeted towards junior developers or soon-to-be developers. The owner of the channel is Brady Haran who simultaneously runs other channels such as Numberphile (focused on mathematics), Sixty Symbols (based around physics), Periodic Videos (chemistry), and Deep Sky Videos (centered around astronomy). His passion for computers is definitely infectious; you’ll find yourself compelled by his videos as soon as you hit the “Play” button. His videos cover topics such as blockchain, bitcoin, game computer coding, automatic, code testing and more.

17. Bisqwit

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Bisqwit home page

I find this one compelling because of the guy’s quirky accent (mean it in a good way). By following this channel you’ll learn about C++, emulators, and other cool programming stuff. You should check it out if you love the art of programming.

18. ThinMatrix

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Thinmatrix homepage

If you are interested in creating your own 3D game engine using OpenGL, the ThinMatrix channel offers more than 50 tutorial videos to help you out with that. Karl, the guy who runs the channel, is an indie game developer who has been developing games full-time for more than 5 years. What’s cool about his channel is that he documents his progress as an indie developer and shares great programming tips & tricks. In 2018, Karl released his own game called “Equilinox.”

19. Gary of Destroy All of Software

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Gary of destroy all software homepage

Although this is not a YouTube channel and requires a monthly subscription of $29/mo, Gary offers both beginners and advanced developers videos. The content is mainly focused on helping you to learn computer science.

20. PatrickJMT

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PatrickJMT homepage

If you are trying to get into the nitty-gritty of math, the PatrickJMT channel can definitely help you out in your journey. The channel is considered to be an invaluable resource of math-related topics. Whether you are a beginner coder or an advanced one, Patrick will help you grasp basic math concepts and up your math game. You’ll learn more about trigonometry, derivatives, antiderivatives, integrals, linear algebra, and more. Another option is Khan Academy.

21. Ben Awad

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BenAward homepage

Ben Awad’s channel on YouTube offers great general programming content. He posts videos like “programming memes,” “Programming Best practices,’” “Coding interviews are broken” so you can unwind after learning a new sophisticated concept.

22. Google Chrome Developers

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Google chrome developers homepage

With Google Chrome Developers, you can learn about fundamental issues such as browser APIs and web components. It covers topics suitable for both beginners and advanced. You’ll learn the fundamentals of coding in no time.

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